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3 foods you thought you couldn’t eat when you’re pregnant but actually can

We’ve all seen those “foods to avoid” lists that make you feel like you can’t eat your favourite foods when you’re pregnant. But too often they’re outdated and just plain misleading.

Let me tell you that runny eggs, soft cheese and seafood can all be on the menu during pregnancy!

Here’s how:


woman whisking a bowl of eggs

Eggs are a top source of choline that’s super important for your baby’s brain development. But most of us aren’t getting enough.

So enjoy those eggs runny, dippy and soft poached. Just look out for the British Red Lion stamp on the pack - they’ve been protected against salmonella. And make sure you eat the whole egg, yolk and all 🥚

Soft cheese

Plate of soft cheese on a wooden board with nuts

You don’t have to ditch soft cheese like Camembert. Just pop it in the oven until it’s steaming hot, melted and gooey in the middle. Pregnancy dinner party sorted.


Woman eating salmon meal

Salmon and trout are great options for pregnancy - low in mercury, packed with omega 3, protein and a bunch of other essential nutrients. Cod, prawns, sardines, mussels and canned tuna are all in. Just make sure they’re well-cooked.

We just want to avoid fish high in mercury that could be risky for your baby, like swordfish, shark, king mackerel and bluefin tuna. Double check before you eat other fish if you’re not sure.

Ultimately there’s no food that’s 100% unsafe to eat. It’s about how you prepare it, store it and being smart about food safety.

My general rule: cooked and piping hot or pasteurised = safe! And if in doubt, throw it out.

Are there any other foods you’re not sure about? Let me know in the comments 



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